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Snaptrip Group is a team of over 30 people across 3 countries working upon building and growing the biggest and best accommodation marketplaces in the UK - striving to bring our customers the biggest choice of accommodation, at the lowest price. Meet the leadership team who are helping them achieve that. Or trying to at least.

Our company is built on 6 cultural values that makes us us. Be transparent. Be kind. Be passionate. Be happy. Be empowered. Be you.

Picture of Matt Fox, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Matt Fox

Co-founder & CEO

As CEO, Matt manages investor relationships, the board and the Senior Leadership Team at Snaptrip Group and has been instrumental in all of the Group's launches and acquisitions, and is quite possibly one of the nicest and most humble CEO's you'll meet - he's the first to admit his flaws!

Before founding the Group in 2014, Matt had a long history of working in travel. He was the Marketing Director of, before heading up the rental portal’s operations in 2013. 

Prior to his work at, Matt was the Senior PR & Marketing Manager at PURE International, the UK's leading specialist in international property sales.

What the team say about Matt...
'The most approachable CEO we’ve ever worked with.'
Picture of Dan Harrison, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Dan Harrison

Co-founder & CTO

Dan joined Matt in co-founding Snaptrip in 2014, with a huge breadth of holiday rental knowledge having first co-founded and directed RentalTrips, a platform to simplify and securely maximise booking for holiday rental owners, in 2012 and before that, he was one of the first 20 employees at HomeAway, an online marketplace for vacation rentals, which had a successful IPO and was later acquired by Expedia Group (and is now known as 'Vrbo').

At Snaptrip Group, Dan is responsible for all things technical (well, with Maciej), overseeing the company's tech team. A quick problem solver, Dan is known for his friendliness, always showing appreciation and genuine interest in each member of the Snaptrip Group.

What the team say about Dan...
'Dan is dedicated, positive and super friendly.'
Picture of Josh James, Chief Operating Officer

Josh James


Josh joined Snaptrip Group in 2018 and is generally responsible for managing day-to-day business operations and growth. We couldn't function without his open, practical and solution-driven nature (or him getting the milk).

Prior to joining Snaptrip, Josh worked as a product and marketing consultant for a range of clients including digital marketing agency Croud and Moneyfarm, a wealth management platform, after co-founding EarnAway, a hotel comparison and rewards marketplace. Before that he spent extensive time working in affiliate marketing, including 5 years as Product Director at Quidco, the UK's biggest cashback site.

What the team say about Josh...
'A real ally and friend. Takes a genuine interest in people that work with him, even if he is sometimes late to meetings.'
Picture of Luigi Zingarelli,  Finance Director

Luigi Zingarelli

Finance Director

Although Luigi only joined Snaptrip Group in 2021, it feels like he's always been part of the team, such is his open personality and his ability to talk about absolutely anything with passion.

Luigi joined as the company's first full-time Finance Director, ensuring we don't spend too much money on coffee machines, sweets or drinks in the pub. His day-to-day role sees him oversee some other, less important things like the financial side of acquisitions, financial and legal diligences, to help to facilitate the Group’s growth aspirations in addition to making sure people get paid!

Known as the ‘coolest person in finance’ (inside Snaptrip at least), Luigi has worked at the world's largest audit and advisory firms, such as EY, Deloitte and KPMG so he's pretty smart.

What the team say about Luigi...
'He's always up for a chat!'
Picture of Joanna Davis, Chief Commercial Officer

Joanna Davis


Joanna (or 'Joey' to us) is our Chief Commercial Officer. She joined the company in 2016 with a wealth of experience in travel having previously worked for TripAdvisor, as their Global Head of Account Management in addition to roles at Travelodge and Blue Chip Holidays.

Dedicated to creating, building and retaining commercial partnerships, Joey looks after all our property managing suppliers, agencies and owners in addition to managing the commercial team. From accelerating revenue growth to dealing with the daily challenges with partner nuances, Joey is our go-to. She's caring and committed, with a wicked sense of humour.

What the team say about Joey...
'It’s always a great day when Joey’s in the office.'
Picture of Sean Thompson, Head of Marketing

Sean Thompson

Head of Marketing

Fun, handy and with a rich marketing background, Sean joined Snaptrip Group shortly after the company's inception and has been instrumental to our presence since 2014. He's part of the furniture, in a nice way!

Over the years, leading Marketing, Sean has developed our marketing strategy, expanding the team of one to seven, which covers paid acquisition, CRM, SEO and content. Known for his care and attention, Sean is one of our most inspirational leaders who always motivates, champions, and empowers team members. He's a self confessed technical geek but also a lovely man.

Prior to joining Snaptrip Sean worked with Matt at growing the company from a start-up to it's acquisition by Leisure-Group.

What the team say about Sean...
'A really smart guy with a knack for delivering things quickly and efficiently.'
Picture of Maciej Rakowicz, Principal Engineer

Maciej Rakowicz

Principal Engineer

Known to solve any problem that comes his way, Maciej first joined as a Lead Engineer in 2014 before becoming a Principal Engineer and overseeing our tech stack in 2019.  

It's often said that Maciej does the work of 10 developers, so it’s no surprise that he leads the development and implementation of our technology strategy with ease. His expertise and detail-orientated nature ensure that everything runs smoothly so the rest of the team can focus on creating an awesome product.

Prior to Snaptrip, Maciej was CTO at Liftago, a taxi and delivery company in the Czech Republic and also worked with Dan at HomeAway (now Vrbo).

What the team say about Maciej...
'One of the most intelligent people any of us have ever worked with.'