Diversity, equality & inclusion

Our mission is to "make taking a staycation easy and affordable for everybody". Nobody should be excluded. We believe the same should be true of how we run our business. We believe in equality and inclusion and are committed to supporting this across all functions of the business.

Team shots

A place for everybody


We believe that it’s not just enough to be an equal opportunity employer, but that it’s important to ensure that as we grow as a company, we grow the diversity of our workforce. We want to have a broad range of views and perspectives to build our product and business to be as strong as it can. We actively invite applicants of all races, genders, sexualities, ages, religions and identities for all of our positions.


We are committed to creating a workplace where people feel comfortable in not just working but being able to share their views and experiences without any prejudice. We hope that having a range of backgrounds will enable us to continue to learn from one another and grow both individually and collectively.


We strive to build products that are accessible and can be used by anybody.


We think it’s important to work with suppliers who share our views and values and to share knowledge and education with one another.

We strive to ensure an equally balanced gender split across our workforce

We strive to create an environment that celebrates different backgrounds & experiences

We strive to share knowledge, education and experiences with our trusted partners