Travelling more sustainably with your pet

April 21, 2022

Are a surge in dog ownership*, the increased popularity of staycations** and the growing demand for pet-friendly holiday accommodation*** combining to have a negative effect on some of the UK’s most beautiful holiday destinations?

From plastic toys, to meat-heavy foods and even increases in ‘natural waste’****, the answer would appear to be yes.

So, seeing that we love our environment as much as our furry friends at Dog Friendly Cottages, we created a handy resource for travellers who want to mitigate their impact on the environment when taking their dog on holiday with them.

The guide, How to enjoy eco-friendly adventures with your dog in the UK, aims to highlight a mix of more environmentally conscious destinations and attractions that are also dog-friendly.

There are also tips for ‘getting there greener’ with your pet in tow and handy advice to guide readers toward being more sustainable when it comes to pet ownership.

Matt Fox, CEO of Snaptrip Group (owner of Dog Friendly Cottages) says: “We think it's great when people choose a holiday in the UK and want to take their pets with them.

“We’re pleased that even more accommodation providers are welcoming pets though, as with any shift in trend, there can be an impact. As we are as passionate about protecting the environment as we are about dog friendly travel, we hope this resource will be invaluable for people who are mindful of their environmental impact as both travellers and animal lovers.”

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