Tik Tok travel report

July 6, 2021

A holiday accommodation booking site has analysed TikTok hashtags to discover the hottest travel trends on the social media platform in 2021. Durdle Door has been revealed as the most viewed UK landmark on TikTok, while Buckingham Palace is the most popular attraction. With 230 million views, Cornwall is the UK’s hottest location, followed by Kent and Devon.

A holiday booking site has analysed TikTok hashtags to reveal the most popular travel trends on the social media platform.

With TikTok’ active users rising to more than a billion this year and the platform’s #staycationhashtag receiving over a billion views, Last Minute Cottages has analysed the most popular travel related hashtags on the platform to discover the hottest TikTok travel trends.

The most TikTok’d landmarks in the UK

1. #DurdleDoor 31m views

2. #StoneHenge 27m views

3. #NewForest 8.1m views

The most TikTok’d city attractions in the UK

1. #BuckinghamPalace 109.2m views

2. #TowerBridge 89.7m views

3. #LondonEye 58.7m views

The most TikTok’d types of holiday

1. #VanLife 4.4B views

2. #Hotel 3.9B views

3. #Camping 2.9B views

The most TikTok’d holiday destinations in the UK

1. #Cornwall – 240m views

2. #Kent - 174m views

3. #Devon - 160m views

Top TikTok Inspired Day Trips

1. One of the UK’s Largest B&M stores in Bournemouth - 2.5m views - 272k likes

2. A BP garage in Sheffield with its own American candy store - 550k views - 25.4k likes

3. UK’s longest toboggan run in Kent - 539k views - 78.9k likes

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The research revealed that the most viewed holiday related activities were adventure related, and that the hashtag #vanlife received more than half a billion more views than hashtags for hotel holidays.

Other popular searches related to holiday inspiration included #beach with 20.3B views, and #hottubs with 698 million views, while #logcabin had 60 million views.

Matthew Fox, CEO and co-founder of Last Minute Cottages, said,

“With more than a billion active users, TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform in the world right now. It made complete sense for us to analyse the platform and find out what the hottest travel trends are this year.

“As we have seen reflected in our bookings, Cornwall and Devon have been the most viewedUK destination hashtags. While the hashtag for ‘vanlife’ received over a billion more views than the hashtag for hotel, and activities such as surfing and hiking were among the most viewed, indicating that people are more inspired than ever to spend time exploring the outdoors.”