Snaptrip 2021 Staycation Trends

December 9, 2021

UK holiday rental marketplace, Snaptrip, has released its 2021 staycation trends report, following on from its 2020 report last year.

With ongoing international travel restrictions, UK holidays have continued to grow in popularity with Snaptrip reporting a 284% increase in demand for holidays after the 12th April green light for self-catered accommodation stays.

The staycation trends report gives an in-depth overview of Snaptrip’s booking data to reveal interesting insight such as top locations, new entries to the top locations, popular booking sizes, top property types and the most popular spots booked so far for 2022.

Top 10 locations for 2021

  1. Whitby
  2. Newquay
  3. Windermere
  4. Ambleside
  5. Barnstaple
  6. Scarborough
  7. Keswick
  8. Richmond
  9. Brecon
  10. Bideford

The Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby has been crowned as the top staycation destination for2021 with the highest number of bookings for the year. Other seaside spots and coastal towns including Scarborough, Newquay and Bideford also feature in the top ten – marking nostalgic seaside holidays as a top trend.

In addition to coastal holidays, escaping to nature stands out as a second trend for 2021 with the great hiking locations in the Lake District of Windermere, Ambleside and Keswick dominating the top ten.

Top 3 locations for Q1 2021 (Jan - Mar)

  1. Welshpool
  2. Scarborough
  3. Shrewsbury

Top 3 locations for Q2 2021 (Apr - Jun)

  1. Whitby
  2. Newquay
  3. Scarborough & Richmond

Top 3 locations for Q3 2021 (Jul - Sep)

  1. Whitby
  2. Newquay
  3. Ambleside

Top 3 locations for Q4 2021 (Oct - Dec)

  1. Whitby
  2. Windermere
  3. Barnstaple

Moving through the seasons of 2021 the top locations fluctuated with the market town ofWelshpool taking the number one spot in the cooler months at the beginning of the year, the perfect base for exploring Mid Wales. Whereas the summer was marked with seaside stays in places like Whitby and Newquay as we enjoyed the particularly warm weather.

With the cooler weather during autumn and winter, cosy towns set within beautiful landscapes began to climb up into the top locations. Barnstaple and Ambleside, both well-known for access to an abundance of walking and hiking routes with outstanding views, feature across the end of the year.

Locations with the largest % increase in bookings for 2021

  1. Llandovery - 669%
  2. Barnstaple - 345%
  3. Ruthin - 241%
  4. Ambleside - 157%
  5. Hawkshead - 150%
  6. Llanidloes - 144%
  7. Carlisle - 136%
  8. Corwen - 136%
  9. Brecon - 125%
  10. Hereford - 98%

* Each of these locations has had at least 100 bookings

Matt Fox, founder of UK holiday rental marketplace, Snaptrip commented: “After a surge in staycations last year it’s encouraging to see new, lesser known beauty spots across the UK be recognised as ideal places for a holiday.

“With six destinations in Wales seeing the largest increase in bookings, including the town of Lladovery with the highest increase of 669%, we would expect to see UK holidays in Wales continue to trend next year.”

Most popular locations booked in 2021 for 2022

  1. Bideford
  2. Newquay
  3. Keswick
  4. Whitby
  5. Brecon
  6. Seahouses and Beadnell
  7. Aberystwyth, Bamburgh and Holy Island
  8. Scarborough and Tenby
  9. Weymouth and Norwich
  10. Richmond

Looking to 2022, Bideford and Newquay in Devon and Cornwall top the list of locations for 2022 ,with the top location for 2021, Whitby, still appearing in the top five.

Matt continues: “We can see the staycation trends of seaside stays, holidays in nature and breaks in Wales continue into the new year with destinations such as Newquay, Keswick and Brecon taking their places in the top ten popular locations.

“With so much to explore on our doorstep, a cottage break is a fantastic holiday option for the New Year and with such a variety of top locations and properties across the UK you can find the perfect place to suit you.”

Most popular booking sizes

  1. 2 people
  2. 4 people
  3. 3 people
  4. 6 people
  5. 5 people
  6. 1 person
  7. 8 people
  8. 10 people
  9. 7 people
  10. 12 people

New top 10 location entries for 2021, compared to 2020

  1. Bideford
  2. Brecon
  3. Barnstaple
  4. Ambleside

Top property types

  1. Cottage
  2. Lodge
  3. Apartment

Visit Snaptrip's 2021 Staycation report to find out more.