North of England dominates best places for ‘workcations’

April 22, 2022

North of England dominates best places for ‘workcations’: four out of five best locations for work ‘escapes’ based in North

A leading UK hotel booking site has revealed the best places to take a ‘workcation’ - a mix of the words ‘work’ and ‘vacation’ to describe using ‘work from home’ allowances for short travel breaks. Greater London was named the best region to visit for a workcation followed by Merseyside and Greater Manchester.

With many workplaces now offering the opportunity to work remotely, and the British public learning how to regain a work-life balance after years of disruption, has revealed the best places to take a ‘workcation’.

The hotel booking site’s research uncovered the best places in the UK to explore while still being able to carry out work commitments. The research looked into British counties and considered five key factors for ‘workation’ locations, including the best connectivity with average Wi-Fi speeds, as well as other factors such as cafes with free Wi-Fi, number of rainy days, and the number of top-rated hotels and attractions.

The top five places in the UK to enjoy a workcation are:

  1. Greater London
  2. Merseyside
  3. Greater Manchester
  4. West Yorkshire
  5. Cheshire

For the full top 10 list of countries for workcations and their hotspots, plus a guide to each location, visit:

Greater London tops the list with, perhaps unsurprisingly, the greatest internet speeds but also with the least number of rainy days recorded and within the top 20 of regions with the most attractions per kilometres squared.

Merseyside came in at second place with a low number of rainy days and with more attractions per area than Greater London.

Caerphilly was the region with the most top-rated hotels with 16 establishments rated four-star and above per one kilometre squared, with Wrexham County in Wales having the most attractions. is a trusted marketplace for travellers to discover the best last-minute hotel deals across the UK, Europe and worldwide destinations. The site is owned by the Snaptrip Group, which also oversees Snaptrip, Last Minute Cottages, Big Cottages, Dog Friendly Cottages, Hot Tub Hideaways, iKnow, Villa Holidays and LateCottages.

Matthew Fox, CEO of, said,

“Flexibility is key nowadays, there’s no denying it. It’s what people want and there’s no surprise that people are using technology to maximise their work-life balance. So we thought why not help the people make the choice of where in the UK might be a good fit for a change of scenery.

“We weren’t so surprised that Greater London made the top spot, there’s plenty to do, there is good and reliable internet connectivity and it's a hub for technological development. However, it was really interesting to see four of the top five being in the North, including West Yorkshire. Our findings prove that the whole of the UK has a lot to offer, so why not freshen things up with a ‘workation?’”