how to embrace TikTok’s soft travel trend

April 2, 2024

I’m a Travel Expert: Here's how to embrace TikTok’s soft travel trend yourself this Spring! 

TikToks latest travel trend Soft Travel is all about slowing down, consuming consciously and avoiding the crowds. 

We’ve all been guilty of getting back from a holiday and feeling that we need another holiday to recover from it, but soft travel is set to change that. 

Out with stressful airport transfers, busy tourism hotspots filled with influencers and in with cosy cottage stays, picturesque villages off season and long nature walks. 

With spring being the perfect time for soft travel before the summer rush, the travel experts at Last Minute Cottages have put together some key soft travel tips.

Slow Down

Embrace the slow travel mindset by taking time to immerse yourself in the beauty of your journey rather than jetting straight to a destination, consider a road trip or train journey with multiple stops. 

Opt for accommodation with everything you need a short gentle stroll away. This means you can meandre through quaint streets, and visit local shops and delicatessens for supplies for your home away from home.

Dreamy Destinations

Look for places with charming pastel-coloured buildings, quaint cafes, flower-filled streets, and picturesque landscapes, as well as coastal and fishing villages with dreamy beaches and rustic seafood shacks. 

Avoid popular tourist hotspots and busy attractions that will be full of crowds and instead look for the hidden gems for gentle exploration at your own pace. 

Soft Hiking

The health benefits, both physical and mental, of walking are pretty well known at this point. Incorporate some soft hiking into your holidays as a great excuse to take advantage of the UK’s great outdoors without having to stick up on special equipment. 

Look for easy hikes and country walks and incorporate picnics and rest stops at rural pubs. Plan coastal walks at sunrise or sunset to take advantage of unforgettable views.

Check out the Soft Girls who Hike TikTok account for the perfect soft hiking inspo.

Cosy Coffee Spots

Take time out to relax in a cosy cafe with a good book, a hot drink and a slice of cake.  Stop a while and appreciate the ambience rather than rushing on to the next stop. It’s these moments spent soaking up the small details of each destination, that really encapsulates the soft travel trend. 

The UK is full of independent cafes and coffee shops, each with their own personality and charm, go and find your favourite. Even better if you can find a little book shop first to pick up some new reading material. 

Comfy Cottage Nights

Don’t feel like each night you’re away from home must be spent eating out, if you’re renting your dream cottage for a week make sure you take the time to actually enjoy it. Make sure to pack your favourite lounge wear, for extra comfort. 

Buy fresh local ingredients in delicatessens to throw together some  simple but delicious meals. If you’ve got a hot tub or a roll top bath in your accommodation, make sure you leave time to luxuriate in it with a glass of fizz.

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