Princess Di is still the Belle of the Ball: Public crowns Diana top fantasy house party guest

April 18, 2023

Princess Di is still the Belle of the Ball: Public crowns Diana top fantasy house party guest

It’s no secret that the British are obsessed with the rich and famous almost as much as having a tipple. So after surveying the public*, Big Cottages has discovered the most popular figures you would invite to your fantasy house party in 2023 - with Princess Diana being one of the top picks.

Move over fantasy dinner parties! The public wants a dream party house with stars from the following ten categories on the guest list:

  • Royalty: Princess Diana (acquired 39% of the public vote)
  • Female artist: Adele (30%)
  • Male artist: Freddie Mercury (23%)
  • Actress: Emma Watson (19%)
  • Actor: Tom Hardy (23%)
  • TV personality: David Attenborough (25%)
  • Comedian: Jimmy Carr (20%)
  • Sports star: David Beckham (25%)
  • Politician: Boris Johnson (32%)
  • Chef: Gordon Ramsay (45%)

The popularity contest between the warring royal couples has been put to rest with William and Kate (24%) gaining twice as many votes as Harry and Megan (11%), but William and Harry’s mother is who the public would still rather shake a leg with at the party (39%).

Hermione Gr… sorry, we mean Emma Watson (19%), doesn’t need to cast a spell to earn a place at your party house, putting her above fantasy Game Of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke (14%) and Avatar: The Way of The Water’s Kate Winslet (12%).  

Boris Johnson (32%) came out on top, ahead of current PM Rishi Sunak (11%) – perhaps because he’s known to love a ‘work’ party. While if it’s a toss-up between who does a better 007 impression at charades, the public voted for Tom Hardy (23%) over Idris Elba (19%).  

Rumour has it, Adele (30%) is the most favoured female icon for a sing-along at the party. However, the way to the nation’s heart is certainly through their stomachs as Gordon Ramsay (45%) was the highest-scoring celebrity in all ten categories.

This survey was answered by 500 Big Cottages customers who have or are interested in booking large accommodation for parties, events and occasions. View a summary of the results here. (

Notes to editors


To find out which celebrities and public figures customers would invite to their fantasy house party, Big Cottages created a multiple-choice survey that 500 participants answered. Each category comprised the most popular figures in 2023 according to sources across the web.

A full data set is available upon request.

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