24-hour holidays

May 22, 2024


From jetting off to Barcelona for a spot of tapas or enjoying a picnic in Paris, the latest TikTok travel trend is inspiring Brits to take advantage of affordable flights for quick 24-hour getaways.

The 24-hour holiday trend, made popular by TikTok, involves daring travellers embarking on whirlwind mini-vacations. They rush to the airport at the crack of dawn to travel to the most exotic destination they can. After immersing themselves in the sights of their chosen destination, they race back to the airport to make their return journey back to home soil before a full day is over.  

But which destinations are best suited for a 24-hour trip? In their bid to explore this trend, Late Rooms has revealed the best UK airports to fly from for a 24-hour holiday and the best destinations to fly to.

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The most popular destination for a 24 hour city break, according to TikTok

TikTok is a common platform for travel inspiration for 24 hour city breaks. When analysing all direct flight destinations from the UK’s most popular airports, the travel experts at Late Rooms discovered the city of Barcelona was the favoured destination among TikTokers for a one day mini break. From its stunning stretch of beaches, blend of Gothic architecture to famous spanish landmarks such as the Sagrada Familia, the city has plenty to do for those looking to visit - leaving them wanting more even after a twenty-four-hour taster.

The best UK airports to fly from to try TikTok’s 24 hour day trip trend

Late Rooms analysed UK airports based on three factors; which airport has the shortest flights available, which airport has the cheapest flight available to a destination, plus which airport has the most common occurring flight - so you can take part in the trend on any day.  

For the shortest flight: Fly from London Stansted to Bordeaux in just 45 minutes

London Stansted boasts a shorter flight to a destination than any other airport, with 24 hour mini-breakers able to take a trip to Bordeaux, France in less time than it takes to watch an episode of your favourite TV show. Voted the World’s Best City to Visit in 2017, Bordeaux is hailed as one of the best cities for foodies with chefs with fine-food-masters such as Gordon Ramsey and Joël Robuchon both opening their own eateries.

It’s not the only option for flying under one hour available to tourists, though, as Edinburgh boasts trips to Belfast. Flyers from London Heathrow can enjoy a trip to Brussels and if you’re hailing from Scotland, you can get to Donegal in less than one hour.

For the cheapest flight: Fly from Luton Airport to Bydgoszcz, Poland for £29

For those looking for the cheapest flight available, Luton Airport boasts flights to the storybook city of Bydgoszcz in Poland for less than the price of a saturday night takeaway. Day-trippers can cram in a stroll around the Old Town, taking in the charming streetscape with a range of architectural styles, including Art Nouveau, Gothic and Renaissance buildings.

For just a pound extra, tourists can enjoy a range of destinations from other airports across the UK such as Aalborg in Denmark or Knock in Ireland.

For the most frequent flight: Choose from over 154 flights available from London Heathrow to Dublin, Ireland

If you’re struggling to squeeze in a 24-hour trip over the weekend then fear not, as Late Rooms also discovered which airport to fly from that has the most frequent flights if you fancy yourself a mini-break.

London Heathrow amasses 154 flights each week flying to popular 24-hour-holiday destination Dublin, Ireland. TikTokers take full advantage of the many flights to Dublin available to try favoured attractions such as the Guinness factory and have a beer in The Temple Bar.

If you’ve already ticked Dublin off on your bucket list of destinations, London City airport hosts 112 flights to the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

The best international destinations to try TikTok’s 24 hour city break trend

Late Rooms analysed destinations flown to from the UK’s busiest airports on four factors; finding the destination where you could hop off the aeroplane and head straight to the centre, which destinations saw the least rainfall and the destinations with the most spots of interest.

Luqa, Malta is the city for close proximity to the hustle and bustle

If you’re keen not to add any more travel time to your 24 hour break, then Luqa in Malta is the destination for you. Flying from London Heathrow airport, travellers only have a short thirty minute walk from Malta Airport - or a taxi ride covering a few minutes - to the city centre.

Luqa is a summer hotspot given its home to one of the longest sandy beaches in Malta, Ghadira Bay. Day-trippers can take the century old Grand Harbour - a natural wonder and one of the country’s premier landmarks.

Another city praised for its proximity to the local airport is Greek island Skiathos. Thanks to the small size of the island, the airport is just a 2.1km taxi ride away from Skiathos Town, where tourists can enjoy an array of sights, activities and food spots.

For the sunniest 24 hour city break, fly to Almeria in Spain

When looking to chase some sun, Almeria in Spain is the best option. Out of all destinations analysed across the UK’s busiest airports, Almeria boasts the least rainfall of just 261mm each year. With average high temperatures of 28°C in June, visitors are guaranteed a healthy dose of vitamin D. What’s better is it was the destination that saw the least rainfall from four popular airports in the UK, including Birmingham, London Stansted, Manchester and London Gatwick.

Vibrant holiday destination Marrakesh in Morocco sees the second least rainfall - just 344mm each year. Marrakesh is a culturally rich city and home to stunning palaces and gardens, such as the Bahia Palace. The exquisite city is also the driest city that both London Heathrow and Leeds Bradford airports fly to.

Rome is the 24 hour holiday destination with the most attractions

While some tourists seek a good cocktail spot for their one-day-holiday, others are seeking to fill their itinerary. For those looking to fill their twenty four hours with attractions, the best option is Rome as it boasts more places of interest than any other destination analysed. What’s more is Rome was listed as the destination with more places of interest for every UK airport analysed by Late Rooms.

The Eternal City is home to not only good food, but many tourist attractions too - fill your Rome bucket list with hot spots such as the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. Rome attractions are hailed for their beauty and are popular among locals and tourists alike.

For the cheapest meal for two, head to the capital of Tunisia

If you’re looking for where you can get the best food for your buck, Late Rooms analysis finds foodies can dine for two at a mid-range restaurant for all three courses for just over fifteen pounds (£15.16). Traditional Tunisian food is a fusion of Mediterranean and Arab influences, resulting in delicious dishes such as Chakchouka and Lablabi.

Other cost-effective options for food include Ankara, Turkey, which is the cheapest destination for a meal for two from Stansted, London. A three-course meal would set you back just £19.70 and if you opt for a traditional dish, then Turkish food is typically rich, including dishes such as Köfte and Turkish dumpling dish Manti.

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