Mid to senior level software engineer(s)

August 8, 2022


Dependent on experience but generous.

The role

As a key member of the tech team you will:

  • Lead many Ruby/RoR initiatives, drive adoption of best practices and help us build up Ruby/RoR expertise. 
  • Be willing to expand horizons, practice a bit of Golang/Scala, a bit of data analysis, a bit of devops and much more.
  • Get to carve your own niche reporting directly to Lead Developer and working closely with the CTO and Head of Product.
  • Work with your partners in crime, our product team, you’ll come up with quick ways to test features before we build out to production.
  • Work on scaling out our big product changes.

The person

We’re looking for:

  • An experienced software engineer with solid Ruby/RoR skills or the dedication and engineering knowledge to learn it quickly. 
  • A proven track record in software development. 
  • Pragmatic as well as opinionated.
  • Cross functional in nature and ready to jump on anything tech that needs doing. 
  • From a background of a few different sectors so you can bring a wealth of knowledge.
  • Eager to use the latest technologies but also get their hands dirty.
  • Embracing responsibility, everything you do will have an impact and we’re data driven so we can measure the difference we make.
  • Ideally we’re looking for a Computer Science degree (really sorry, but no brand new bootcamp grads for this senior role unless you have a proven record of real live projects…. As much as we love bootcamp grads and have a history of hiring you for other roles! ;))

Bonus points:

  • Polyglot (any of Go, Scala, Java, Python etc).
  • Experience in any of the following (we use them all): REST, GraphQL, mongoDB, Golang, Scala/Play, Elasticsearch, Redis, Heroku, AWS, messaging, Presto, Data ETL / analysis, Docker - show us your awesome github profile.
  • Already playing with side projects? If there are one or two you’re proud of and want to show us we’d love to take a look.
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Why the Snaptrip Group?

"It's a very fun place to work where you are encouraged to make your own decisions in your field. The company is lean and focused on growth which makes each year very exciting, with new projects to work on all the time."